Yes, sorry but we do need to have a few policies to make sure everyone knows what is happening and keep things running smoothly.


When entering the festival we will put a paper wristband around your wrist. These will be a different colour for each day. If you are wearing a wristband of the right colour for that day you will be allowed to re-enter at no further charge, although a new glass will need to be paid for (which can be returned unbroken for a refund) if you do not bring the original one back with you.

In the event your wristband is damaged while in the venue, please seek a replacement before leaving. If a wristband looks like it has been removed we reserve the right to refuse free re-entry as entry is not transferable.


Smoking is not permitted inside the venue building. This applies to all tobacco products and to e-cigarettes. Smoking is permitted on the balconies and the outside drinking area. Alternatively, you are entitled to leave the venue and re-enter (subject to the Re-entry policy above) if you wish to smoke.

Designated Drivers

We recognise that some parties may wish to arrive by car and bring their designated driver in with them. We also recognise that it would be unfair to charge a designated driver who is unable to drink the beer. but at the same time we need to ensure that the system is not abused to make things fair on everyone. Therefore, at the discretion of the door staff we will admit 1 designated driver per group at no charge. They will be issued with a wristband, but we will not provide them with a glass or beer tokens. Soft drinks will be available from the Club bar the main Festival Hall. These may be bought for cash and plastic cups will be available.


We understand that the Festival is happening during the school summer holidays and that some visitors may wish to bring their children with them. Children are permitted, but we ask that they are not in the festival after 7pm on all days as it can be very busy in the evenings and is not an environment suitable for children (this excludes babies under 1 year old who are permitted at any time) . We ask that any children who do attend are closely supervised and that they are not given alcohol - soft drinks are available from the main Rugby Club bar. The organisers and the venue reserve the right to deny access to children if health, safety and wellbeing considerations determine this is the best course of action. 


Abusive, threatening or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time within the venue. Any reports of such behaviour will be taken seriously and those responsible will be required to leave if the Festival Director or other Festival management team members believe it is in the best interests of the Festival and our other visitors. Professional security staff are in attendance at the Festival and will be called upon to assist if required and the police will be called if necessary. Anti-social behaviour includes the use or provision of illegal drugs.

On leaving the festival, visitors are requested to obtain a carrier bag for their glass(es) - if these are being kept - and to keep noise to a reasonable level when leaving the building

Right to refuse admittance or service at the bars

We reserve the right to refuse to admit those who the door staff believe to be intoxicated either by alcohol or other drugs. Also, should one of the bar staff consider a customer to be intoxicated, they will bring this to the attention of their Bar Manager who, if they agree, will have further service to the customer refused and the customer will be asked to leave.